About Us

About Us

CoinIT.com.au offer’s a constantly updated showcase of stories from thousands of sources across the globe.

The world is changing and how you receive your news is changing too.

CoinIT publishes snippets and links directly to publishers’ sites, supporting the work of journalists.

We share and celebrate original reporting and don’t waste your time with clickbait. We know you’re smarter than that.

Most importantly, we provide a range of perspectives in the stories we share from publications large and small.

We aggregate news content curated by an experienced team of CryptoCurrency specialists.

Our technology filters through thousands of news sources and publishes them to our pages in real time, giving you the most up to date news in the world.

Our ethos is all the news, all the time. We believe you should never have to wait for news.

Respecting Publications

We honour and support all publishers, that is why we link directly to websites and hope to boost the traffic of our partner publications.

We respect paywalls and want visitors to our pages to engage with a variety of sites to find their favourite news.


News aggregators in one form or another have existed for many years.

We believe aggregation is a way to provide a sustainable future for journalism and provide new platforms for journalists to deliver original content.

Unique Content & Reviews

CoinIT Write Reviews & Guides About Upcoming Products & Services

Additionally to the content we aggregate from external sources.


If you are a company interested in advertising on CoinIT.com.au

Please Email Us at admin@coinit.com.au

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